Learn how to increase the conversion rate of your email signup forms, by testing different offers such as: 10% off, $10 off or free shipping. 


Test different offers in your lead generation forms

Increase the conversion rate of your email signup forms by testing different offers

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A/B testing

When to use it?

Do you have an email signup form with a low conversion rate? The problem might be with your offer.

Try A/B testing different offers in order to understand which ones perform best. You could test multiple discount types, like 10% off, $10 off, free shipping, a BOGO discount, and a mystery discount, just to mention a few examples.

And this can be easily done using OptiMonk’s Variant A/B testing feature.

How to set it up?

1. Step: Create a sign up form with your first offer

If you don’t have an existing campaign you want to test against another, here you can get a list of sign-up templates and create a new one. Fine-tune it to your style.

Step 1

2. Step: Create a new variant and change your offer

Duplicate the existing variant and rename it.

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Change the value proposition in your new variant.

3. Step: Activate your campaign

To learn which offer works better, you will need to activate your campaign (make sure you activate all your variants, as well) to start your A/B test.


3. Step: Analyze the results of your A/B test

Look closely which variant performs better. You can toggle on the “Keep only the winner variant running” option, so as soon as our system has enough data to decide which variant is the winner, it deactivates the other, non-winning one.


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