Discover hidden conversion killers on your website and improve the buyer journey.

Journey Issue Detector

Uncover hidden issues with your buying journey

Discover hidden conversion killers on your website and improve the buyer journey

Journey Issue Detector
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When to use it?

Is your website not converting as well as you’d hoped? You might be missing something in the buyer journey that your customers are noticing.

By asking for feedback from visitors who don’t convert, you’ll gain important insights into what’s working and what’s not. By applying their suggestions, you’ll be able to optimize your landing pages for maximum engagement, conversion, and revenue growth!

Don’t let small mistakes ruin your conversion goals. Let your customers guide you to success!

How to set it up?

1. Step: Choose a Feedback campaign

Choose a template from our Exit Feedback Survey use case and fine-tune it to your style.

Choose a Feedback campaign

2. Step: Ask for specification from your unsatisfied visitors

If your visitors respond negatively to your question, it is wise to provide them a form where they can elaborate on what they were missing. Simply duplicate your main page and insert a Textarea input where your visitors will be able to type in their answers.

3. Step: Create a Thank You page

You will need a thank you page as well where you’ll be able to send those visitors who responded positively to your question and also those who have submitted their answers on the second page of your campaign.

Create a Thank You page

4. Step: Set up your survey

Add the right page to each answer so you can make sure that your visitors are sent to the right pages after their answers.

5. Step: Target and launch your campaign

Make sure that Exit-intent is the trigger in the case of this campaign. If it is not, please change it to exit-intent because you don’t want to interrupt the browsing experience of your visitors, you only want to ask for feedback if they decide to leave your site.

Target and launch your campaign

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